5 best souvenirs from Poland

5 best souvenirs from Poland

5 best souvenirs from Poland

If you are planning to visit Poland make sure, that You know what will be the best souvenir for your family and friends. We present few ideas that will help you make a good decision.
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1. Łowickie cutouts

Łowicki Folklore definitely stands out among the other ethnic areas. It’s still rich and sustained tradition of folk rituals, and handicraft products made ​​by folk artists from small city Łowicz.  The most famous are łowickie cutouts, which are recognized around the world for unique colors and design execution. Those are true works of art, sparkling with all the colors of the rainbow. In Poland, in the region of Łowicz were used to decorate the rural chambers since the second half of the nineteenth century. 


2. Amber

For wife, sister or friends, the perfect souvenir from Poland will be amber jewellery. Poland is a world potentate in the production of amber (approx. 70 %). You don’t have to decide to buy just jewellery. Amber is also used in production of embellishments for key chains, figurines or flasks and many other things.


3. Regional alcohol

Probably most people know Polish vodka. Indeed, Polish vodka is known and appreciated all over the world. That's why we want to offer you something a little less known but equally exquisite, Polish Meads. Mead is a traditional alcoholic drink resulting from the fermentation of honey, usually lime. Manufacturing and consumed in Poland since the Middle Ages.
The traditional division of mead is półtorak, dwójniak, trójniak and czwórniak.
Various bouquets of honey is obtained by the broth seasoned with fruit juice (fruit honey) or spices (honey and spicy "spicy honey-herb"). In production are used: hops, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, pepper, juniper, vanilla, rose petals, mint leaves, almonds, lemon and orange zest.


4. Wood figurines

Original, unique and lasting souvenir from Poland are also figurines of wood. They are made mostly from linden, alder and poplar. Figurines usually represent people, angels or animals.


5. Oscypki

Hard smoked cheese prepared from sheep's milk, characteristic of the Polish mountains, especially the Highlands. You can bought them from characteristic, fabulous food stalls on the streets of the mountain villages.
Polish WiFi team loves oscypki and recommends especially those warm, grilled with cranberries ;)