Easter tradition in Poland

Easter tradition in Poland
If you want to spend Easter exceptionally, spend it in Poland On 16th April in Poland everybody will be celebrating Easter. In spite of many mutual habits typical for this day like painting eggs, eating chocolate candy rabbits - Polish people celebrate Easter quite different than in USA or other countries.

Before the Easter, there are many feasts celebrated earlier. Ash Wednesday begins the Lent. During this we are not able to eat meat on fridays. The Lent is finished on Maundy Thursday. Easter Sunday is the most important day during the holiday. During this day, everybody are going to church with food in small wicker baskets (mainly Easter eggs, meat, herbs like rosemary). The priest is preaching and blessing everything brought by parishioners. After the mass, people are going to their homes and they are starting preparing glamourous dinner.

Traditional Polish Easter meals are mainly żurek (soup made from fermented rye flour with white sausage and eggs), cakes like pascha or mazurek and lamb-shaped butter (which symbolizes the Lamb of God). In Poland people are also celebrating in monday (called Wet Monday or in Polish “Smingus Dyngus”, where children are throwing water over others). Polish WiFi team wishes you happy Easter day and remember, that if you are going to celebrate holiday in Poland, don’t forget to rent our WiFi router