Mobile Internet in Warsaw

Mobile Internet in Warsaw

Mobile Internet in Warsaw

Warsaw is the capital of Poland, which interests more and more tourists from all over the world. Not only because of many interesting attractions like Palace of Culture and Science, Wilanów Palace or Łazienki Park. Warsaw is currently one of the most important business places not only in Poland, but also in Europe. For making sure that every deal with a company will be successful, you will need a well Internet connection. Here are some information about how to connect with Internet after arriving to Warsaw.


SIM card

In Poland there is a possibility to buy a SIM card of Polish mobile operator (like Orange, Nju Mobile etc. ) and use it by inserting it in your phone’s SIM card slot. It is available in most supermarkets in Warsaw and in many local newspaper stores. Sounds simple? Unfortunately since February 2017 you also have to register your temporary card after buying it with your all ID data which can you make feel invigilated.

What is more, all your phone contacts will disappear from your device if you will not backup it earlier. You also have to log in again on your Facebook or Twitter account, so forgetting your account’s password could make it difficult. Don’t forget about informing your friends via social media about having a temporary SIM card. Otherwise making a phone call to you will be impossible.


Polish WiFi


It’s a Polish company that offers renting a mobile WiFi router with unlimited Internet access. After making an order, you will have your own device sent for example to the hotel you are going to stay and you can use it as long as you need.

Another advantage of Polish WiFi is the router size. It is so small, that you can keep it in your pocket or handbag and you will still have enough place for other useful things. Router hot spot could be useful if you are going to travel with a group. It is able to be used on 10 different mobile devices (like also tablet or PSP). Polish WiFi has very low cost of rent in relation to the opportunities that is offered.


You can order portable router Polish WiFi in 3 easy steps on


Hot spots

Because of many tourists and local visitors, many cities decides to place hot spots in most popular places. You don’t need to pay for them, sometimes only you have to know password (mainly in restaurants or café, just ask a waiter for it).

But you are depended on a place, where the hot spot is. The range is often not enough strong to reach the Internet. Websites while using a local router (which shares Internet to even several dozen of people) could be loading very slowly, so if you are not patient, forget about public hot spots.

The most important information to remember is safety. Most hot spots are not secured, what makes your device possible to be hacked. Be sure that you are not having an important documents or any data while using a public hot spot.


Roaming fees

The last possibility to connecting the Internet in Warsaw is using a roaming in your mobile phone. The easiness of usage this possibility could make it best way to communicate with the world. By turning on mobile Internet connection you will already have access to your web browser, e-mail any apps which you need them in online mode (like Spotify without premium version).

However, the fees for each 100KB of Internet transfer used through roaming are very high which makes this option not feasibly for an Youtube users or for making international business contacts in Poland. Remember to use mobile roaming reasonably, mainly in very important moments.

All things considered, there are many ways to achieve an Internet connection in Warsaw, so you don’t have to worry. Some solutions could be very simple to use along, but their price of usage could be very high. Using Polish WiFi is really easy and cheap, so this could be the most reasonable idea when you are going the Polish capital soon.