Must have gadgets for businessmen

Must have gadgets for businessmen

Must have gadgets for businessmen 2018

Gadgets in our lives are mainly used for attracting our friends during home parties or just to simplify our daily routines. Popularity of useful devices in modern shape made a need for that kind gimmicks in business area. Here are five useful gadgets which could be used in every company by everybody.

1. Smartwatch

The smart look of modern watch which you can use like a smartphone? Today that is one of the most practical way to easily check-up every information, not only the current time. Reading e-mails or even making a phone call (via WhastApp) is currently possible by literally using only your wrist. And after work, you can use your multifunctional watch as activity tracker. Perfect gadget for every person who like to simplify their daily routines in work and after it.


2. Powerbank

The gadget that could even save your life (not literally of course ;) ). If you have to make an extremely important call and your mobile’s battery is getting empty, powerbank could fastly solve this problem. The main advantages of “portable battery” are the size and capacity of it. You can easily keep it in small case with other electronic equipment. The powerbank is able to store even 20000 mAh, which could be used not only for charging your mobile phone. Remember about it during every business trip.

3. Mobile WiFi routers

Do you plan traveling abroad? Remember about possible difficulties in connecting to the Internet outside your country. Using mobile roaming could be very expensive and WiFi hotspot range not always will be satisfying. Renting mobile Internet router could solve this problem perfectly. In Poland you can lend it from Polish WiFi - an only company offering that kind of service. In other countries there are also possibility to rent WiFi router from XOXO WiFi. And you will forget about all Internet connection problems during international business trip ;)


4. Cufflinks

Maybe not as functional gadget as earlier mentioned gimmicks. But cufflinks could instantly change not only your look, but also the other’s perception of your personality. Using an expensive adornment made of gold or silver will make you more serious and extravagant, which could be perfect for every CEO of a luxury goods company. Using more humorous shapes (like animals, unusual patterns like a gearbox or computer chip and funny sentences) is a very effective way to lighten up with fellow workers. Choose wisely!

5. Shirt cases

Not very popular unfortunately. A simple way how to have a business trip without having your best shirt crumpled. Useful because of not very big size and ability of keeping shirt in neat condition. If you ever see this kind of gadget on sale, don’t contemplate - buy it!