Internet in Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot

Internet in Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot

Internet in Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot

In 21st century traveling around the world is no more an unreachable for casual people and very expensive way to spend free time. Along with more opportunities to visit any country, the modern tourists has more restrictive requirements of food quality, entertainment possibilities and the feasibly cheapest Internet access with satisfying range. If you are planning traveling to Gdańsk upon Baltic Sea, here are below useful information about ways to connect with the Internet in Poland

Rent a pocket WiFi for Poland

Probably the best idea is to rent a WiFi router to have your own hot spot. An only company offering that kind of Internet connection is Polish WiFi. There are many advantages of using a rented router. First of all, the Internet access is unlimited, so you don’t have to worry about running out your transfer, because you will not spend it. Your router is protected with password, so you can be sure, that nobody will use your device without your permit to connect with the Internet. You will be able to use it literally everywhere (even on a beach while sunbathing) because of 4G/LTE strong range.

The router is very small, that you can hide it in your pocket or handbag. What is more, despite of size, Polish WiFi hot spot could be used on 10 different mobile devices (not only on cell phone). This is a good solution for everybody travelling in a group. Finally Polish WiFi has the low cost of rent in relation to the opportunities that he offer.

On website you will have essential information about ordering a portable router.



Hot spots

Probably the most common way to connect with the Internet in Poland. Currently every touristy city has at least one public hot spot in the centre of town. They are also very popular in shopping mall (like Galeria Bałtycka), restaurants, pubs and in the most iconic places (for example the Sopot Pier - near Gdańsk) because of many tourists and local visitors. The biggest advantage of hot spots is price - they are for free for everybody. Sometimes only you have to ask for a password.

However, you are depended on hot spot. The Internet is not reachable in every point of the city and the range quality is very low. Websites while using a hot spot could load even in minutes! Sometimes you also have to register to use a hot spot.

But the biggest disadvantage is safety. Most hot spots are not secured and hackers are able to steal any data from your hardware. So if you are making a very important document, be sure that hot spot could not be a very good idea.


SIM card

In Poland there is also possibility to buy a SIM card of Polish mobile operator (Play, Plus, Heyah, Virgin Mobile etc. ). You have to buy a card in local newsstand (in Poland called “kiosk”) with an Internet transfer limit written on a packaging (usually from 1GB to 20GB) and insert it in your cell’s SIM card slot.

Remember that all of your phone numbers from your phone could disappear from your mobile. With a temporary card, you also have to log in again on websites and apps like Facebook or Twitter, so be sure that you remember your account’s password. Don’t forget about that you will get a new number after inserting a Polish SIM card, so informing your friends about that via social media will be a very good idea.

The biggest problem could be changes made by Polish government about a usage of temporary pre-paid SIM cards. Since February 2017, after purchasing card you have to register it with all your ID data. Currently that kind of Internet usage is not very profitable.

Roaming fees

If you will not be able to connect with the Internet with any earlier mentioned methods, you can also use mobile Internet from your phone by roaming. This is the easiest way to connect with the Internet. You only have to turn on mobile Internet connection on your phone and that’s all.

Nevertheless, network operators impose very high fees for each 100KB of Internet transfer. So this is not a good option for an intensive web surfers to and contact with your friends through social media. Mobile roaming should be used reasonably, mainly in emergency cases. Otherwise you will be surprised after getting an extremely high bill after using a mobile Internet.

To sum up, be sure that journey upon Polish Baltic Sea will not be a survival camp, so you don’t have to worry. There are many possibilities to connect with the Internet. Some solutions could be very easy along with high price of usage. Very often the best idea is finding a gold mean between having a reasonable range of Internet and paying not very much money for connection. Polish WiFi has both, so this could be the best idea when you are planning visiting Gdańsk.