Traditional Polish dishes

Traditional Polish dishes

Traditional Polish dishes

Every country has it’s own culture, habits and of course traditional dishes.

The first thing that comes to mind when people say “Poland” is…

1. Pierogi

Eastern Europe origin. Semicircular dumplings with wide variety of filling - you can fill them with meat, cabbage with mushrooms, sweet cheese, fruits or quark with potatoes and onion (these are called “ruskie” which means “ruthenian”). Savoury ones are mostly topped with melted butter, fried onion, fried bacon or combination of those, sweet are topped with cream and sugar but it differs from region to region. It’s most popular polish dish around the world, especially in the USA. 


2. Borscht (Barszcz)

Poles are in love with soups. Soups are healthy, warming and full of vitamins and they’re in total opposite with greasy main courses. Borscht is the most popular soup abroad. There is great diversity of versions of borscht but most loved in Poland is clear beetroot bouillon with uszka (small dumplings with meat or cabbage). This kind of soup is mostly used as a first course on polish Christmas Eve supper.

3. Bigos

It can be also called “hunter’s stew”. Usually contains large amount of sauerkraut, fresh white cabbage and meat chopped into bite-sized chunks (usually bacon, beef, sausage) but you can also add dried forest mushrooms and dried smoked plums if you wish. It is usually served with mashed potatoes and kotlet schabowy. Tastes best with glass of vodka… ;)


4. Kotlet schabowy


For me kotlet schabowy is creme de la creme of polish dishes. “Schaboszczak” as we call it, is made from pork tenderloin or chop and it’s coated in breadcrumbs which makes it similar to Viennese schnitzel. Served with mashed or cooked potatoes, carrot or cabbage or beetroot salad (or bigos!) will make you taste all of Poland on one plate.


5. Herring

As one of the best things to eat while drinking vodka, herring is getting popular in PRL-styled pubs in main polish cities. It can be topped with oil and onion, vegetables, vinegar, cream with herbs, even with nuts and raisins. Not only taste is great in herrings - this is one of the healthiest fishes - they have enormous amount of vitamins A, D and B12!


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