Roaming prices in Poland

Roaming prices in Poland

Roaming prices in Poland

June 15 2017 - this date is going to be one of the most important in European telecommunication history. All roaming charges will be ended. What does it mean? Will making phone calls in EU be for free and the Internet access also is going to be much cheaper? We have checked it by comparing new price changes in Poland.

About “Roam like at home”

The EU countries has accessed the changes in binding continental roaming system, which has charged every phone call made and data downloaded when being abroad. Since 2007 all charges has been reducing and reducing from 0.49€ to 0.19€ for making a call from another country. Since 15th June making and receiving calls will be free from every charge. And if you’re planning a trip to Poland after changes, here you have some information about all planning prices from all Polish network providers.

Changes in Poland

Roaming will be pertained to four most popular Polish mobile operators - Play, Orange Polska, T-Mobile Polska and Plus. Their changes in roaming will make their outgoing voice calls cost 0,29 PLN in EU and 6,15 PLN (1,47€) outside the Union. Wait... it was told that every call made and received will be free. Yes, it will. But when you have extra minutes from operator's bundles. For example: 300 minutes in year will be free for Plus users, overspending it will automatically start paid calls. There's a hidden catch. For Play it will be between 300/400 minutes per year (depends on bundle), for T-Mobile 500 minutes. Only in Orange all incoming and outgoing calls will be free.

Ok, but what about connecting to the Internet? It will still be payable and not only in Poland. Free Internet surfing will be also possible only with limited bundles - in T-Mobile after reaching 1Gb data you’ll have to pay 3,63 PLN (in some tariffs) for 100 Kb data used. Plus offers 0,19 PLN for 1 Mb of data roaming (2,46 PLN outside the EU), for Play it will be 0,09 PLN for 1 Mb and 0,10 PLN for Orange.

What does it mean?

It’s very complicated. Creating an enactment to make easier understanding the international roaming law ironically has become more difficult to understand, which negatively surprised many of Polish citizens, which expected literally free mobile connections with their European friend and many foreign tourists. Maybe renting a Polish WiFi will be a better idea, which has clear policy of using and payment.