Roaming in Poland - what should you know about it? North America

Roaming in Poland - what should you know about it? North America

Roaming in Poland - what should you know about it? North America

For every traveller the most important thing is to plan everything precisely. Checking all points in destination for avoiding possibility of getting lost, preparing all travel meals and exchanging the value are basic activity of every globetrotter. Currently in the age of electronics, everybody should check how to have the Internet connection. Not only in emergency situations, but for making the trip something special and unforgettable. Here’s a short and useful guide about roaming charges for every North Americans planning a travel to Poland.

United States to Poland

We have good news for Americans - the biggest GSM operators are able to use international roaming in Poland, so if you don’t want to look for a temporary SIM card or you’re going to place where possibility of buying it is not very high, you won’t have to do it. What is more - if you’re thinking to text one message per day to the United States, it won’t be very expensive. For T-Mobile USA and AT&T costs are same - 0,50$ for one message. The situation of making a phone call is quite worse. 2,69$ for 1 minute call in T-Mobile USA and 2$ per minute in AT&T. Thinking about making contacts with WhatsApp or Skype will be a good idea.
But the worst situation is with the Internet roaming, which is extremely expensive. For T-Mobile USA it will be 15$ for 1 mb downloaded. Just think about watching a Youtube vid through roaming. Watching funny cats could be such an expensive experience. A little better situation is with AT&T, where 1 mb of Internet data costs 2$. But paying over 600$ bill for using Internet also doesn’t sound very well.



Canada to Poland

We’ve compared three basic Canadian mobile providers - Rogers, Bell and Telus. Most of them are offering travel passes with discounted prices. Primary bundle costs about 10$ per day. It could be a good option for travellers using their phone only for making calls and texting. Unfortunately, you’ll have only 100mb of data to use. Another disadvantage is that not every cheapest package will work in Poland. Sometimes you have to buy more expensive pass to use it in this country. The price is raising to 60$ for one-time usage, and you have about 200mb limit of Internet roaming. A little bit better, but literally a little bit.

Mexico to Poland

We’ve found only roaming prices of Telcel. And it doesn’t look very well. For 200mb data every Mexican has to pay in Poland 700$. There is a possibility to pay in rates, but come on. If even using a roaming is most comfortable way to connect with the Internet, paying such a high amount of money is just silly.



Every citizen of North America has possibility to use roaming in Poland. For making a one-two emergency calls or sending not very much text messages it will be quite good. In spite of that you don’t have to look for temporary SIM card or city WiFi hotspot, you really have to prepare high savings to use Internet through roaming. Much better idea will be renting a Polish WiFi router. You’ll pay much less money, you’ll have an unlimited Internet access and you’re going to have a great trip, where you’ll be able to constantly share your Polish experience through social media. On below you can see, how much money you can save with Polish WiFi ;)