How much money do I need in Poland 2020?

How much money do I need in Poland 2020?

How much money do I need in Poland 2020?

Poland is currently a very popular travelling target. It’s not surprising, because it’s a beautiful country, where every visitor will not be bored. There are many places to go like Wieliczka Salt Mine, Biskupin Settlement or Raj (in Polish „the Paradise”) Cave. You should also prepare earlier all cost calculations, because a lack of money could be very problematic. Here’s our guide about Polish prices, which will save you time in doing all maths ;) .


And now it depends in which way you wanna eat. If you’re going to cook it on your own, it could be a very cheap way. Most of basic ingredients are widely available even in small Polish towns. In discount stores (most popular: Biedronka, Tesco, Lidl, Stokrotka) there are following prices:

Milk – about 2,37 zł per 1 liter (0,64 $),
Rice – from 2 zł (cheapest labels made for discounts) to about 6 zł (most well known like Uncle Ben’s) – 0,55 to 1,63 $ per 1 kg,
Loaf of bread – about 3,50 zł (0,88 $),
Eggs – about 6 zł for 12 egg packaging (1,63 $),
Chicken breasts – about 15 zł for 1 kg (4 $),
Cheese – about 20 zł for 1 kg (5,44 $),
Potato – 2,30 for 1 kg (0,65 $),
Bottle of water – from 0,80 zł (cheapest with low minerals) to about 3 zł for 1,5 l (most popular and rich in minerals – Żywiec Zdrój, Cisowianka, Muszynianka, Kropla Beskidu etc. ) – 0,25 to 0,74 $,
Beef – about 30 zł for 1 kg (8,16 $).

As you can see, you don’t have to pay a lot of money for making your own meal. But if you’re comfort lover and you’re prepared to eat mainly in restaurants, be prepared that prices might be quite different. In small towns all food courts are much cheaper than in biggest Polish cities. One meal (meat with potato/french fries and salad) will cost about 25 zł (6,44 $). In places like Warsaw, Cracow or Wrocław, you’ll have to pay about 45 zł (10,88 $) for a course. Also remember about tips. Leaving a restaurant in Poland without giving a tip to a waiter could be seen as rude!


If you’re going to stay in a hotel, be sure that prices could be different in Polish regions. If you’re in a town upon Baltic Sea or in mountains, you’ll have to pay more even than in big cities. One person sleeproom in a common Polish hotel will cost about 120 zł per night (32,64 $). Higher standard places could be even thrice more expensive! In Poland there are also many motels, which offers much lower prices, but you’ll have to share a room with other visitors. If you’re going to stay longer in Poland, you can rent an accomodation. The price is also dependent in a type of building. Old block of flats starts from 1,200 zł for a month of rental (326,38 $), for most modern building you’ll have to pay about twice time more money.


We don’t have good news for all car lovers. Currently you’ll have to pay about 4,35 zł (1,18 $) for 1 l of petrol and the price will rise to about 4,55 zł because of new tax. Public transport could be a better idea for everybody comming to Warsaw or Cracow. For one bus/tram ticket you’ll have to pay about 3,50 zł (0,95 $) and you’ll have a lot of discount if you’re a student. Renting a car will cost about 50 zł for a one day (13,60 $). You can also order a taxi, but it will be very expensive, because for one route you’ll have to pay about 40 zł (10,88 $).


In Poland you’ll have a lot to do, so you should prepare your money mainly for that ;) . If you wanna go to the cinema, prepare about 25 zł for one movie (6,80 $). A common museum entry will cost not more than 20 zł (5,44 $), some of them are also free enterance. Visiting the pub is also not extremelly expensive. One Polish draught beer (Tyskie, Żywiec, Lech) will cost about 9 zł (2,20 $) for 0,5 l. For connoisseur there are also possibility to drink craft beer, which costs about 18 zł for 0,5 l (3,99 $). But remember that clubbing could make you spend all the money you have! One visit with alcohol drinking could cost about 120 zł 30,20 $).

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