Weather and when to go to Poland?

Weather and when to go to Poland?

Weather and when to go to Poland?

Every traveller has this one hurdle - when to go to country which they want to visit? When will it be warm and comfortable to sightsee? When will it be less crowded than usual? Depends on which part of Poland do you want to visit you can choose different months and seasons to travel to this slavic country. To be prepared for any weather condition check out some forecasts in Internet.

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1. Spring (2nd half of March - end of May)

This season is probably the most beautiful from all. It’s getting warmer, days are becoming longer than nights, flowers are blooming and everything smells just perfect and fresh. Though weather can be very unpredictable - from ground frost in the morning, through scorching heat in the middle of the day, to first spring thunderstorms in the evening. Traveller who wants to visit Poland in this season must be prepared well with t-shirts, umbrella and winter coat as well. Best place to visit this season: every bigger polish city. They’re still uncrowded and better to sightsee. But remember there is a spring break from 1st to 3rd of May called “long weekend”, so most of Poles are going on short vacations and popular places can be overcrowded these days.

2. Summer (June - August)

If you want to spend your vacation on the seaside or on Masuria Lakes - this is the best season. Though you cannot always predict the weather. It can be awesome or a disaster. Most of Poles are going on their holidays in the end of June or in July so prices of accommodation can be higher these months. While in the cities scorching heat can be unbearable, gentle breeze on the seaside will make your holidays just perfect. You can just lay on the beach sunbathing or learn kitesurfing. If you want to check how windy it'll be click here. You can also visit Tricity, which has beaches, many museums and unique architecture - everything a traveller demands.


3. Autumn (September - November)

This is perfect season to visit polish mountains. September can be still as warm and sunny as summer months but colors on the trees are unique and beautiful. Leaves are getting yellowish and reddish so views from the mountain tops will be breathtaking and unforgettable. Remember that October and November can have very lousy weather and on very high part of the mountains you can see even snow so it can be very very cold. It’s recommended to use proper equipment for hiking these months. Autumn is similar to spring due to weather changes during the day. It can be also more tolerable to sightsee in big cities such as Warsaw, Poznan, Lodz, Cracow and Wroclaw.

4. Winter (December - 1st half of March)

Winter in Poland can be very long and depressing, days are getting shorter, temperature often reaches below 0 Celsius but you can enjoy this time of the year in cosy highland-style restaurants in Zakopane or other cities near polish mountains drinking mulled wine and eating sheep smoked cheese with cranberries. If you’re more active you can choose also skiing, snowboarding or other winter activities. Be aware that polish mountains are most popular spots every New Year’s Eve or winter break. If you are not into spending your time on ski slope then try to visit Poland just before Christmas time - Christmas markets are very beautiful and unique in this part of Europe. Don't forget to check the weather before going out just not to freeze while walking Krupówki Street with mulled wine! ;)