Mobile Internet for tourists in Poland

Mobile Internet for tourists in Poland

Nowadays, access to the mobile internet for tourists on vacation is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Most people can’t imagine even a day without checking e-mail, news, and without constant contact with loved ones. The popularization of the Internet has also contributed to the development of social media. We are accustomed to the fact that at anytime we can share our photos and impressions. You admit that traveling without access to the Internet is uncomfortable. Therefore, if you are thinking about travel to Poland, read our article and check the possibilities of access to the Internet in this country.

Hot spots in the cities



The most tourists rely on what would they find at the hotel and use of the network by urban hot spots. In Poland you can count also on internet in shopping malls and restaurants. It can be enough for undamanding turists, which use the Internet rarely or never during trip. 

But it’s not the best idea. First of all, because we are dependent on hot spots, which usually have very poor coverage and are very slow. What’s more, we can use the Internet only in certain places. Make impossible searching information, when you really need it. Moreover, the use of hot spots is very dangerous. Hackers often break into networks and steal our data.
This is the cheapest but also the least effective option. Experienced tourists before leaving usually better prepare their access to the Internet.


Polish WiFi

Polish WiFi is the only Polish company offering unlimited access to the internet for people visiting Poland. It's very convenient and efficient solution. Polish WiFi acts as your private, strong hot spot which enable you 4G/LTE Internet access. It’s small and easily can fit it in your pocket.
In contrast, urban hot spots, you can use it anywhere and anytime. It provides you with instant access to high speed internet access wherever you are. Thanks to it, you will easily check the way to the best restaurants, bus timetable or the freshest news of the day.
Polish WiFi ensures that the Internet is unlimited, so you don’t need to stress that you use Internet too often and it run out at the wrong moment. Moreover, one pocket router can be use by many people at the same time, it will provide Internet access for up to 10 different devices. So, traveling in a group, one Polish WiFi is totally enough for everybody. It’s advantage is the low cost of rent in relation to the opportunities that he offer.
You can order portable router Polish WiFi in 3 easy steps on


Sim cards



Another possibility to ensure access to the Internet is to buy a SIM card in Poland. Just buy it in kiosk and insert it into your cell phone. And here begins complication. To get a few MB of internet we need to abandon your existing SIM card, which means that our private number will be permanently switched off. We lose contacts and probably also posibility to use the applications installed on the phone, such as Viber and What's up. One of the main disadvantages of this solution is the fact that relatives will not be able to contact us at our number, after replacing the card, it will become inactive.
By purchasing the SIM card you will get access to the Internet only on one device, on our phone. So, traveling in a group, each participant should buy a separate card. Cards will give us limited access to the Internet, depending on the number of MG, which we buy. Obviously, the more the MG, more expensive card is.

Roaming fees



There is also another possibility to access the Internet in Poland. It’s roaming in your phone, provided by local service providers such as Plus, Orange and Play. Most comfortable with this option is that we do not need to do anything to be able to use the Internet, this service will swich on in your phone spontaneously after arriving in Poland.

As you know, nothing is without flaws, so the fact that we don’t have to do anything will cost a lot. It’s the most expensive option of using the Internet in Poland. Network operators impose very high fees for each 100KB. So this is not a good option for a carefree surfing the web and contact with loved ones through social media. Telephone roaming is best to use a short time and only in exceptional cases. Otherwise, our journey may become more expensive.