TOP 5 unique attractions for tourists in Zakopane

TOP 5 unique attractions for tourists in Zakopane

TOP 5 unique attractions for tourists in Zakopane

Planning to visit Zakopane and see beautiful Tatra mountains? Thinking about how to spend your free time at the south of Poland? Of course the biggest must-see in Zakopane are Krupówki street. But what after visiting it? We’ve prepared a five places, which are also very worth to see.

1. House of Wax EXPO in Zakopane

You don’t need to go to Madame Tussad’s House of Wax in London, to see celebrities. Want to take a photo with Adam Małysz (legendary Polish ski jumper) and then with Shrek? You can do it without any problems in Zakopane!
It could be a real fun place for children, as well as also for elder people. Everyone will be able to make there some funny pictures, which could make every family meetings more joyous.


2. Snowlandia – make your kids feel like Elsa from „Frozen” movie

Earlier mentioned attractions are not enough? What about taking your children to place, which looks like a real ice kingdom? Zakopane has also an amazing place, which will be perfect for all „Frozen” movie fans. Ice castle with tunnels, all elements made of snow and even with a maze inside, where it’s quite easy to get lost there! Wow!
Snowlandia is an ice castle of 16 m height, which will be a real fun for children and all families. This place also offers visiting a tiny ZOO and the Snow Princess Palace.

3. 7D Cinema in Zakopane

3D movies currently are very common. What about doubling the fun and feel the movie with all of the human senses? 7D Cinema is a perfect place for everyone, who is keen on having some thrilling moments.
Moving seats or having water splashes in face – that’s what will be waiting for you. Feeling movies with smell and touch senses – sounds amazing, doesn’t it? 7D Cinema in Zakopane will be perfect for the youngest travelers. Great opportunity for families, arriving to Polish Tatra mountains.


4. Upside down house in Zakopane

Want to see everything from the other side? It will be a great opportunity for you! This place created in 2010 is a house, which is literally upside down! It means, that the roof is the floor, and the floor is a roof. It could make everyone feel really dizzy, but it’s really worthy!
Upside down house in Zakopane is a great experience for your senses. It might be a real challenge for your bony labyrinth, but it’s a real chance to see, how to feel walking on the cellar.

5. Museum of Zakopane Style at Villa Koliba

Zakopane is also a great place for art lovers! This city has a real unique architecture, very typical for local mountainter citizens. If you really have an artistic soul – you should visit Museum of Zakopane Style. The project of this building was created by one of the most famous Polish artist – Stanisław „Witkacy” Witkiewicz. If you see this building inside and outside, your Zakopane experience will be even more intense.