7 the strangest Polish customs

7 the strangest Polish customs

7 the strangest Polish customs

Each country distinguished by a unique culture, language and customs. Some of the customs can surprise us very much, although in another country they are something completely natural. And how is it in the case of Poland? What habits can surprise foreigners and cause them not to know what is going on and how to behave?


1. Evening slippers

In Poland, it is natural to offer guests, after entering the apartment, special shoes to wear only at home. Almost every Polish home has several pairs of evening slippers that are at home especially for guests. Actually, if the host does not suggest changing shoes, it may be perceived as something rude.
Meanwhile, foreigners are shocked because it means that the host is punishing his guests for taking off their shoes. Such a delicate suggestion does not seem too nice to them. It is possible that only the Japanese would not be surprised :)

2. „Sto lat”… (something like song „Happy Birthday”)

A short song known probably around the world. The popular song "Happy Birthday" can be considered a similar song to "Sto lat".
Yes, the fact that this kind of song exist will not surprise the foreigners. However, they, will be shocked when they learn that the Poles are singing this song not only on the occasion of birthday, but also at weddings, anniversaries, celebrating promotions and in many other situations.

3. Sandwiches

For many foreigners, "sandwich" means a roll with meat, bacon and eggs. Meanwhile, in Poland, sandwiches are bread served in various ways. With ham, cheese or cottage cheese. Often with the addition of vegetables such as tomato or cucumber. Someone from abroad may be surprised, when place an order and he will not receive what he expected.

4. Ground floor

So how to make a foreigner get lost.
It is worth remembering that in most countries the "ground floor" means the first floor. Saying to someone that "we live on the ground floor", many people from abroad will go up the stairs or take the elevator to the first floor.


5. Beach winds screens

Polish, beach custom. Poles like privacy, or even the appearance of privacy, which is why on the beach on the Baltic Sea you can see many colorful beach winds screens, which separate one family from the other, one group from another.
It's a pretty practical solution, because the screens also shield from the wind, but it is mainly about marking your space and protecting yourself from strangers. However, this custom is not known to foreigners.

6. „Kevin sam w domu” („Home Alone”)

In each country you can find less and more popular movies. However, rarely watching one of the movies become a common custom. That's how it is in Poland, because millions of people, year by year, watching this movie in December, for the holidays. The question arises: "How many times can you watch one movie?". Poles show that there are no restrictions.
Nowadays, watching Kevin is just as popular as dressing a Christmas tree or singing Christmas carols.


7. Asking for change money

In Polish stores there is always a shortage of change money, which is why sellers often ask if client "has an equal end". It turns out that this habit surprises foreigners.
Similarly, often sellers, if they have a problem to give a change money, say: "I owe you a one grosh”. For Poles, it is something natural and nothing really expects that one day a seller will bring out him that symbolic grosh. But It is something strange for people living abroad.