Polish mobile WiFi Review

Polish mobile WiFi Review

Polish mobile WiFi Review

We love to travel. Since we’ve met, we try to travel when only time and money allows us . At the beginning, just two of us, after 6 years with two little monsters.
During the years of traveling we encountered many difficulties. Bad hotels, late planes or health problems, but all this was’t the worst. The worst is always a lack of access to the Internet.

We use Internet access for everything, booking plane tickets, hotels, cheking train schedules, or searching attractions. Keeping touch on Skype, Whats up, social media sometimes was only a dream.
You can imagin how it is to consider just on slow Wi-Fi from one hotel to another. Wasting time searching SIM cards, city hot spots and choosing restaurant not becouse of food but Wi-Fi network.
That’s why when I was planning trip to Poland and I heard about Polish WiFi I check it out carefully.

What is it?

It’s little box, small router which fix to your pocket. It’s light and easy in use. But the most important thing is that this magic box acts as your privite hot spot in all Poland teritory. It connect you with fast and strong 4G mobile network. What’s more Polish WiFi provides Internet up to 10 devices. Trust me, it’s very useful, our little monster didn’t have to fight with eachother for Internet access :)

It’s really easy to use, I just pushed enter button and connected my smartphone with Wi-Fi network. Then I was instantly online for about 6 hours.


How much does it cost?

It depends on lenght of rental period. We rent it for 2 weeks, for whole time that we spend in Poland. The longer rental period is, the cheaper it is per day. We collected pocket from post office on the airport and send it back in the same way. We did’t have to buy any other device outright or special software. Everything is included in small Polish WiFi package.

Where can I use it?

You can use it everywhere in Poland, in cities, towns, by the sea, in the mountains, inside and outside the buildings. Everywhere you can connect with Internet up to 10 devices.

It depends on  local network and signal strenght. 4G LTE signal can reach up to 150Mbps.


What’s the best?

Of course constant connection with Internet everywhere in Poland, but what’s more:

6-hours of use. Without use it will last even all day.

Modem has really good battery, which supplies battery for about 6 hours of continous use. If you want to, there is possibility to rent backup battery, power bank which allows you to use modem for another few hours.

USB connection for charging.

Classic micro USB provides convenient charging by included in package charger. You can also rent car charger, but it’s extra pay.

Up to 10 devices can be connected at the same time. 

Very helpful. When I’m using my laptop for bussines, Elen chat with her friend, and kids playing a game on Internet. No arguing any more. Great thing for groups of friends and organized trips. 


Good contact with company

I had one question about posibility to get the invoice. I wrote an email, and immediately I received a response. You can also contact them through facebook or telephone.

Simple user interface 

 Really there is no need to read the manual. Device is clear and easy in use. And no without reason they call it pocket wifi...


Unlimited data

This is a huge comfort don’t have to check every hour the amount of data used. Not stressing is reviewing the videos on You Tube or social media. With Polish WiFi data are really unlimited. If you go wild with using the Internet it may slow down little bit, but you will never lose permanent access to the network. Personally, it seems to me that it is not possible to exceed limit, we used it boldly and all the time it was fast and furious ;)


Use of public networks and hot spots can be risky. Especially if you are using sensitive data, such as passwords for email or bank acount. Hackers are waiting for such accasion to steal data. With Polish WiFi it’s impossible. The modem has a unique password that only you know.

Delivered to your door

Polish WiFi respect your time. You don’t have to wasting vacation shopping around, searching a local SIM card. With Polish WiFi package will waiting for you on your hotel, post office or in Paczkomaty InPost. We choose deliver to the hotel, we arrived at 11am. And package was waiting for us, at the hotel reception. Here you have all options for delivery and return, choose the most convenient for you:


Easy to order

Order proces is very easy, here you have some screenshots:


Is it for You?

If you are wondering – is the Polish WiFi router for you? The answer is yes, If you are similar type of traveller like me. In fact, it would be hard form me to get back to jump from one hot spot to another and dependence on the mercy of the hotel WiFi. So be careful, Polish WiFi can be addictive.
Price: from 5.50euro/day (cheaper for longer periods)
Where to buy:
If you share photo on social media you can get 10% discount.