7 interesting facts about Poland

7 interesting facts about Poland

7 interesting facts about Poland

So what is worth knowing! Some things may surprise more, others less. This is the perfect moment to learn something new about Poland. Now you can also check yourself and see if you knew everything earlier. J

Polish - one of the most difficult languages in the world!

Yes, we can be proud that Polish is considered as one of the most difficult languages in the world. We are in the top ten (but closer us to five :P). For foreigners understanding that Poles change every word and have many strange exceptions is very difficult. Not to mention that you have to learn everything and understand what, when and why.
In the ranking of languages, Polish is a serious rival for even Chinese or Japanese. Although Chinese is still considered as the most difficult language in the world. First of all, by a very difficult writing that resembles impossible to decipher pictures.
We should be proud, using one of the most difficult languages in the world! :)


Polish sport - football!

Are you wondering what sport can be considered as national sport in Poland? Thinking about sports results of Poles, some people might think that this is volleyball, in this sport we are world champions, or ski jumping - in this sport discipline we have many very good ski jumpers.
Meanwhile, no. Poles love football! Particularly male part of Poles. Watching a match (live!) at the stadium is a dream for many men, young and old. Most matches are associated with full stands and loud cheering. Poles also support at home, in front of TV sets. With white and red scarves and lots of hope for goals scored thanks to Polish footballers!


Only Poles can't imagine Christmas without Kevin!

Who is Kevin? Movie character!
Do you like any movie that you could watch endlessly? I think everyone has at least one movie that he will never get bored of.
Meanwhile, there is one film in Poland that has gained the popularity of almost all Poles and has become a kind of custom. Every December, Poles not only decorate a Christmas tree, share a wafer and buy gifts, but also watch the movie "Kevin alone at home."
What is Christmas without Kevin? Only Poles can ask themselves such a question. :D


Pizza ... only with ketchup or garlic sauce.

Yes, it's a Polish invention. : P
Poles cannot imagine eating pizza without the addition of ketchup or some sauce - garlic, a “thousand islands” or another. Meanwhile, abroad, even in Italy, it is better not to offer anyone such extra ingredient as ketchup. If you also ask for some sauce in the restaurant, the waiter may be really confused, not knowing what's going on.

Beer with juice, please.

Another Poles idea. Beer? Always and everywhere. In Poland, especially women, they like to ask for an extra ingredient - juice. Raspberry, cranberry or any other. Just as women like sweet wines or liqueurs, beer with a bit of sweetness tastes much better right away.
However, it is worth realizing that although in Poland it is a common custom that will not surprise any bartender, abroad asking for such an add-on may not be understood.

You meet Poles all over the world.

Poles very often immigrate to other countries. Currently, about 35% of Poles live outside Poland. The most popular destinations are Great Britain, USA, Canada, Germany, Brazil... And many more.
It's a bit sad that so many Poles run away abroad. If you had such an intention, at least know that finding another Pole in a foreign country, contrary to appearances, is not so difficult.


First to the altar.

Many, even Poles themselves, may be surprised by the fact that couples in Poland formalize their relationships very quickly. On average, ladies are only 24 years old, and men are not much older because they are 26 years old. It's really very early!
You can ask yourself - why. I think about it all the time. :)