WiFi access on Polish airports

WiFi access on Polish airports
We made for you a list of Internet services available on the main Polish airports. If you travel frequently, both for business and for leisure, certainly it will be very helpful, especially if you are planning to visit Poland and one of the polish airports. In Poland there are 15 airports, many of them provides Internet, sometimes for free, sometimes with certain restrictions or paid.

Chopin Airport in Warsaw – Okecie, is the biggest one. WIFI Internet access in the Okecie airport is unlimited. It’s pretty good quality and can be caught virtually in every place. It’s one of the first airports in the world with unlimited access to Internet.

International Airport John Paul II Krakow – Balice
Access to the airport in Krakow is unlimited, although it requires re-login every 15 minutes.

Gdańsk Airport - Lech Walesa name
If you use Facebook and log in through the popular social networking site, you can use the free WIFI internet without restrictions. If you do not want to log in and give their data to the internet you can use for free for 15 minutes.

Katowice International Airport in Pyrzowice
Katowice Airport stand out from the airports. Access to the Internet is completely free and unlimited no limits.

Warsaw-Modlin Mazovia Airport
Modlin Airport also provides free Internet. It is not limited in any way. It requires only the approval of the regulations.

Airport Wroclaw-Starachowice them. Nicolaus Copernicus
Wroclaw airport like this in Gdansk has free and unlimited access to the Internet, provided that you log via Facebook. Without login using Facebook lifetime WIFI is limited to 15 minutes.

Poznań-Ławica Airport them. Henryk Wieniawski
In Poznan they also wiser. Recently, internet in Ławica airport was paid. Now you can enjoy there free WIFI. However, it requires re-login every 30 minutes.

Internet access at the airport is a great information. However, it would be good to stay in touch with the world even after leaving the terminal. If you want to guarantee yourself a constant, high-speed, wireless Internet access during your journey through Poland rent Polish WiFi. This small, pocket router provides fast 4G LTE network access without expensive roaming charges.