Free Internet at Chopin Airport in Warsaw

Free Internet at Chopin Airport in Warsaw
At Warsaw airport opened free and unlimited access to the Internet via Wi-Fi. It can be used by anyone who stays in the terminal Chopin Airport.

Until now, connect to the airport network was neither easy nor pleasant. You had to use one of several infokiosks and scan the bar code from the boarding pass or log in to a special website to get a username and password. Wi-Fi was available only for passengers and only for 30 minutes, without the possibility of re-login.

Airport authorities decided that nowadays access to the Internet is a natural need for traveling people. That’s why they wanted to make it easier and meet the expectations of airport customers and improve the quality of service. Warsaw airport is one of the first airports in Europe, which offers free and unlimited access to the network. Most of the ports provides access fee or limited.

Now, to connect with Internet on laptop or phone, you just have to click on the appropriate icon representing the internet and select the network called "Chopin Airport". Then you must accept the terms and enter your e-mail. Then you can have unlimited "surf" the Internet.

Internet access at the airport is a great information. However, it would be good to stay in touch with the world even after leaving the terminal. If you want to guarantee yourself a constant, high-speed, wireless Internet access during your journey through Poland rent Polish WiFi. This small, pocket router provides fast 4G LTE network access without expensive roaming charges.

The rental is very easy. You only have to fill the form, and after making the payment, we'll send the device. Turn on Polish WiFi and enjoy unlimited Internet access even outside the Chopin Airport!