Journey through Poland - Japanese traveler review

Journey through Poland - Japanese traveler review

Journey through Poland - Japanese traveler review

I stayed in Poland for more than a month. My initial plan was to visit Wroclaw, Gdansk, Warsaw and Krakow and stay 7 days each, but I ended up staying there for almost 2 months because, well...good thing is I got a really good client, bad thing is I had to work more while I travel.

City wifi doesn’t work well

You might hear that big tram and bus stops and train stations have wifi signal….well...I could not really use them. At night, however slow it is, I could connect to internet. During day, probably because more people are trying to connect, my ipad showed me “failed connecting to internet” on wifi setting page. I went there on October, not the highest season for tourism. I can easily imagine that public internet situation would be worse in summer.


You need transport app

I have travelled several countries in Europe. Some cities have easier public transportation. Poland is, however beautiful it is, does not have easiest public transportation. Wroclaw was really good. Warsaw and Gdansk weren't so good. In Krakow, some bus stops are not even listed on Google map.
I went to Wilanowie palace by bus, and bus number is quite complicated there. They have number and alphabet. Try this web app. to navigate yourself in Poland.

It’s just so much easier when you have portable wifi

Budgeting is one of the biggest challenge of travel. If you are a nomad investment worker, maybe you can always stay at luxurious hotel. But most of us are budget travellers.
Digital Nomad workers need high speed internet to work. Badget Airbnb and couchsurfing don’t always have high speed internet. It’s very hard to find cafes that are perfect environment to have skype with your clients. Often it’s noisy or internet is slow, or both.
Sometime you can find reasonable accommodation with good internet or nice quiet cafe with high speed internet, but it’s always pain in the ass to look for it.

Throughout my journey as a digital nomad, Polish wifi helped me a lot, and I can recommend any digital nomads to take advantage of polishwifi.


My recommendation: spend some money to rent polish portable wifi, and save your time and troubles.