The most expensive & cheapest cities in Poland 2020

The most expensive & cheapest cities in Poland 2020
We prepared ranking of the cheapest and the most expensive cities in Poland. We compare prices for the night at the hotel in 2020 and some basic food products from markets. If in the near future you are planning to visit Poland, this article will be very useful.

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The most expensive city is one of the exclusive and popular seaside resorts Sopot. It belongs to the Tri-City agglomeration and it’s located between Gdańsk and Gdynia. The average price per night in Sopot oscillates between 390zl and 670zl. Price depends mainly on the period, the most expensive is during summer season. Only in Łódź and Lublin price fluctuations between seasons are almost unnoticeable, about 30zl (while in Sopot it’s about 280zl)

The bigest surprise is that, one of the cheapest cities are the most popular among tourists, Krakow and Gdansk. Our data shows that  in these cities and also in Lublin you will pay the least money for the shopping cart in market. We took into account basic foods such as: bread, roll, tomatos, 10 eggs, butter, cucumbers, apples, sausage, milk, curd and 1kg of chicken. To our calculations we took exactly the same products.

The total cost of shopping cart:

Warsaw - 95.40 zł,
Wrocław - 92.25 zł,
Katowice - 85.45 zł,
Łódź - 64.80 zł,
Poznań - 84.65 zł,
Krakow - 74.95 zł.
Gdańsk - 72,85 zł,
Lublin – 68,90 zł.

We also checked something that is very important for every traveler, the cost of a taxi. In this case, the ranking arranged differently. The cheapest per kilometer you will have to pay in Lodz, about 6-6,50zl. In other cities like Wroclaw, Gdansk, Katowice and Warsaw you will pay at least 9zl per kilometer.