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Delivery options



    24/7 PICK UP POINT
    Delivery fees: 3€
    We need 2 business days for delivery!
    We can deliver on a weekend.


    Best option if you don’t now your accommodation adress or you’re renting an apartment.

    We have 20 thousand collection points in Poland where you can easily collect your pocket WiFi. See here to find the closest pickup-up points to your destination.
    Or fill out the form below and we will find the most convenient pick up store for you.

    How to use Inpost Paczkomaty collection points?


    Delivery fees: 3€
    Delivery in 24 hours or even faster!


    Have you booked a hotel or a B&B?
    Will you visit friends or family?

    We can manage delivery with the hotels manager and deliver directly at the hotel reception. Your Polish WiFi will be given to you when you check in.


    Delivery fees: 0€


    Pick up your Polish WiFi at city center on one of the biggest town or in the international airports:
    • Warsaw Chopin airport
    • Wroclaw Starachowice airport
    • Katowice Pyrzowice airport
    • Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa airport

    • More details

You’re not sure which delivery options is best for you? Feel free to contact us!

Return options

  • 24/7 PICK UP POINT
    Return envelope: 3€

    Available 24 hours/7 days

    You can send Polish WiFi by one of 20 000 returns point. Before the end of the rental period, you will receive a return code from us, which must be put on the return envelope provided by us. More information how to return by Inpost Paczkomaty click here.

    Find a collection point near your destination.
    Return envelope: 5€

    We provide a pre-paid envelope which You can use to return the Polish WiFi.

    Find local Post Office named Poczta Polska, and easlly send it back to us before leaving.

    Just give the Polish WiFi with accessories to post office employee and take te stamp confirmation.
    If you are staying at a hotel, you can also ask at the reception to return it.
    Return envelope: 5€

    Return your Polish WiFi at the airports:
    • Krakow Balice airport
    • Warsaw Chopin airport
    • Wroclaw Starachowice airport
    • Katowice Pyrzowice airport

    • More details

Fill out the form below and we’ll answer shortly with the best pick-up store for you!