Portable WiFi & MiFi
Internet in Poland - Polish WiFi

Polish WiFi is a portable WiFi which will enable you unlimited 4G or 4G+
Internet access in Poland territory.
Best solution for travelers and businessmen.


What makes us special?

We offer you unlimited internet access



  • Unlimited 4G/LTE Poland

    Unlimited 4G/LTE Poland  - PolishWiFi
  • Unlimited 4G+/LTE+ Poland

    Unlimited 4G+/LTE+ Poland - PolishWiFi

Device specification

  • Up to 10 Wi-Fi devices connection
  • 1500mAh battery: support 6h working time
  • Ethernet/4G dual link
  • Download LTE up to 100Mb/s, Upload up to 50Mb/s
  • Support Windows/MAC/ IPhone, iPad / Android and Other Smart Phones and Tablets
  • Dimensions: 93.5*57.1*12.8mm
  • Coverage biggest operator in Poland
  • If you use more than 100GB, we may have to reduce your speed to 1 Mb/s.
  • In the set you will receive router with Internet, USB charger, cable and user manual.
  • Coverage: 3 biggest operators in Poland
  • Up to 5 Wi-Fi devices connection
  • Support 10h working time
  • 4G+/LTE+ dual link
  • Download up to 150Mb/s, Upload up to 100Mb/s
  • WIFI 802.11 b/g/n
  • Support MAC/ iPhone, iPad and Other Smart Phones and Tablets
  • Systems Windows, iOS, Android
  • Dimensions: 127 mm x 65,7 mm x 14,2 mm
  • If you use more than 200GB, we may have to reduce your speed to 5 Mb/s.
  • In the set you will receive router with Internet, USB charger, cable and user manual.

Why Polish WiFi?

  • No more roaming

    Avoid costly roaming charges in an intelligent manner.
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    Money saving

    Avoid very expensive roaming fees during your trip in Poland! For 100GB or 200GB of data, your usual phone operator could charge a lot of money. Polish Pocket Wifi is only from 1 Є 0.95 £ 1.2 $ 5 PLN per day.

    Don’t miss such a chance!
  • Coverage & Speed

    You can do whatever you want, everywhere you want.
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    Our SIM card will allow You to access all mobile technologies including the fastes LTE Advance.

    High Speed Internet

    With Polish pocket wifi, you can get speed to 300 megabit per second which means you can download 20MB office file in 5 second or less.
  • Pick-up & Return

    Fast, easily
    near your destination.
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    You can choose between 5 delivery option:
    • Delivery in any address in Poland
    • Pick up to one of 20 thousands collections point Paczkomaty
    • Pick up at Polish Aiports
    • Pick up at City Center points
    • Delivery in any place in Europe


    You can choose between:
    • Return from Polish Post Office
    • Return at the Post Office in Airport
    • Return in one of 20 thousands collections point Paczkomaty
    • Return to Poland by yourself

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  • Secure & Private

    Total control with a WPA2 encrypted password.
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    All our online card transactions are processed safely and securely by Paymento Payment Services. Paymento are SSL certified and PCI DSS compliant, ensuring the highest levels of security. Fraud protection is enabled through 3D secure, CV2 and AVS.

    Data Protection

    Total control over your connection. Don’t run the risk of connecting to easy-to-hack hotel /free WiFi hotspot.

    VPN Access anywhere

    Use your pocket WiFi to connect to Your home or business VPN via SSL. Keep all your data safe and accessible!